Uwines Ambassadors

The first card game about Ukrainian wine Uwines Ambassadors has been released, which will help you learn more about the history of Ukrainian winemaking, grape varieties, regions, wines and other interesting facts in an easy and exciting way. The author of the game is Serhii Klimov, ambassador of Ukrainian wines, ideologue and co-owner of Like a Local's wine bars, organizer of the Kyiv Food and Wine Festival.

The Uwines Ambassadors game is an interactive wine course about Ukrainian wine in the "drink and learn" format. The game has 3 levels of difficulty, through which players will be guided by the heroes of the game. The goal is to collect the most cards at the end, learn and remember a lot of interesting things about Ukrainian wine and taste it, because during the game you will definitely have to taste it more than once.

The game is divided into 4 categories:
— History and facts
— Regions and varieties of grapes
— Wineries and production
— Ukrainian wines

"I have been popularizing Ukrainian wines for over 8 years, creating a wine culture in Ukraine. In the Uwines Ambassadors game, I share with you the most valuable things I learned during this period

Ukrainian winemaking is developing at an extremely fast pace. And all this thanks to winemakers who use modern techniques, experiment with grape varieties and technologies, study their terroirs and constantly discover new ones... I am sure that the more people know about this, the faster our country will be able to restore its lost winemaking history, and Ukrainians will start to be more proud of Ukrainian wine.

It's time to open Ukraine from a new side", - Serhiy Klimov, game author.